Set Up Your Environment

Ready to create a math-rich environment for the children in your care?

View these short videos to learn how to set up daily routines, create an environment that promotes math literacy and turn everyday objects into math teaching tools.

Establish your daily routines.

Children love to do things in a certain way. View this video to build on that love of routines and teach young children how to count, recognize shapes, sort, measure and match.

Set up a space for mathematics.

View this video to learn how to create indoor and outdoor learning environments for toddlers and preschoolers.

Foster math skills in infants.

View this five-minute video to learn how to create an environment that fosters the development of math skills in infants during indoor and outdoor play, mealtime, dressing and diapering time and story time.

Assemble your materials.

View this video for a wealth of great ideas for math materials that will help you teach young children how to sort, count, compare, estimate and more.