Lessons By National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards (NCTM)

IELD Goal 11

11A: Develop beginning skills in the use of science and engineering practices, such as observing, asking questions, solving problems, and drawing conclusions.

IELD Goal 12

12A: Understand that living things grow and change.

12B: Understand that living things rely on the environment and/or others to live and grow.

12C: Explore the physical properties of objects.

12D: Explore concepts of force and motion.

12E: Explore concepts and information related to the earth, including ways to take care of our planet.

12F: Explore changes related to the weather and seasons.

IELD Goal 13

13A: Understand rules to follow when investigating and exploring.

13B: Use tools and technology to assist with science and engineering investigations.

NCTM Algebra

NCTM Data Analysis and Probability

NCTM Geometry

G1: Analyze characteristics and properties of two- and three-dimensional shapes and develop mathematical arguments about geometric relationships

G2: Specify locations and describe spatial relationships using coordinate geometry and other representational systems

G3: Apply transformations and use symmetry to analyze mathematical situations

NCTM Measurement

NCTM Numbers and Operations