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A Parent Questionnaire

by Early Math Counts

I recently sent out a questionnaire to several people looking for some thoughts about young children and math.  I chose the respondents using only two, but important, parameters.

1.  They had to be educators (in some capacity).

2.  They had to parents (in some capacity).

That means that I sent the questionnaire out to dozens of people who I know who fit into both of the above categories.  The educators range for early childhood professionals to college professors.  They are local, national and international.  The parents range from having adult children to being brand new moms and dads.

My thinking is this…

Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear from parents who know something about education to find out how they felt about the own children’s early childhood experiences in math?  Was it satisfactory?  What were the strengths and what were the challenges?  I also wanted to hear what they hoped for and how they might have done things differently.

Their answers might surprise you.

Over the next several Fridays, I am going to post their responses to the questionnaire and we can discuss them.

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