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An Interesting Read

by Early Math Counts

Even proponents of the Common Core are concerned about the increased time spent preparing for and taking the associated standardized assessments that are a natural result of a new curriculum.  This article, from the Boston Globe, describes many additional worries that are plaguing early childhood teachers who are now faced with the Core in kindergarten.

One of the arguments against the Core is that it expects what have been here-to-for 1st and 2nd grade outcomes for kindergarteners.  This is a real worry, especially for those of us who serve children under age 5.  If educators are forced to water down a grade-school curriculum for kindergarten, you better believe the trickle-down effect will appear in Pre-k classrooms, and G-d forbid, Infant and Toddler programs.

The article recognizes the push back from ece professionals.  I also appreciate that we now better than they do how to serve young children without sacrificing their childhood.

Check it out. 

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