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Apple Ideas on Pinterest

by Early Math Counts

I haven’t really gotten involved with Pinterest, but I know plenty of folks who have.  The way I understand it is that you can choose pictures that speak to you in some way and then “pin” them on your board.  You have to join to have a page but others can see public pages.

I found this page filled with photographs of Apple activities done in early childhood settings.  I thought you might like to browse through it and find stimulating ideas for your program.  Here is one sample from the page….

4 Replies to “Apple Ideas on Pinterest”

  1. I have used this concept before but not with apples. I also did an activity with frogs and lily pads. They were different sizes and the children had to put the right size frog with the right size lily pad.

  2. @Patty- Let us know how the play- doh turns out. You can break the pieces into quantitates that the children will understand. You can say, \” Do you want a LOT, or a LITTLE? \”Do you want SOME?\”

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