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April Showers Bring May FLOWERS

by Early Math Counts

Spring FlowersYou guessed it.  This month’s theme is FLOWERS. There is so much mathematical exploration that we can investigate while studying flowers that I am tempted to make this a two-monther!

At this time of the year, we are all itching to get outside.  It feels like we’ve been cooped up inside for years, not months.  And even though the calendar says “May” it still may not feel like the spring has sprung. I say, “Bring the outdoors inside,” in order to get the ball rolling.  One great way to do this, it to start a planting activity inside the classroom that can be closely observed by the children before the plants are transplanted to your outdoor space. The Tiny Seed

To introduce the children to the theme of Flowers, read a copy of The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.  This book acquaints children with the life cycle of plants through the beautiful art and storytelling techniques unique to Eric Carle.  Children can watch as the tiny seed travels through the wind until it settles into the land and finally grows into a flower.  Later as you explore flowers in your classroom, you can have the children refer back to the book as a resource while they watch their own flowers grow and bloom.

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