Blogs I Love

by Early Math Counts

I thought I would take a departure from introducing websites for children on Wednesdays for a while and introduce you to Blogs that I love.  Over the several weeks, I am going to explore the Blogosphere in an effort to bring you more wonderful blogs that explore the world of children, childcare, and math.

So, here goes.

I love to read about the Power of Play.  It reinforces my own personal philosophy about children, development and learning, while informing my teaching.  I am frequently amazed that I can open a website and learn about new and powerful ideas for play experiences.

This one, called “Playfully Learning” is from Connecticut.  Dana, the Blogger, documents her blog posts about play with vivid photographs of children deeply involved in play.  Take a look and let us know what you think.

2 Replies to “Blogs I Love”

  1. Those ideas on the blog page are great. But some would be difficult when you have so many babies running around. I really like the page.

    1. Agreed. Those babies can really throw a wrench into things:) I just love thinking about play and she has great ideas. Hopefully, they stimulate. Glad you liked it.

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