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Candyland On-Line

by Early Math Counts

One of the Early Math Counts readers mentioned that she plays a computer version of Candyland with her kids and they love it.  I did a little digging and found this Hasbro website that has all sorts of games that use the images from Candyland.  Most of the games are pretty basic, focusing on moving the mouse and clicking, but some may be a little bit more engaging for children.  Most do not require reading, but some do.  I would investigate it before I set it up for the kids, but if you have children who love to play Candyland, they may really like seeing those same images in another format.

With characters like King Kandy,  Gramma Nutt and Lord Licorice how can you go wrong?

One Reply to “Candyland On-Line”

  1. when you take a kid out of his/her confront zone. it maybe confusing even though its the same game not seeing the same people may confuse them.

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