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Chicago Little League and Why I Love Baseball

by Early Math Counts

I have personnally watched almost one million hours of little league baseball over the past 16 years.  Every summer, I have sat and tried to feign interest in what may be the longest sports commitments of any childhood choice.  Some games went on for well over 2 hours, only to end in a 1-1 tie .  Those games were deadly for moms like me. There were more Sundays than I care to count, when I went from one game to another, from one field to another, from one exciting win to another devastating loss

The only thing worse than watching my own kids play baseball is watching other people’s kids play baseball and the only possible thing that could be worse than that, is to watch it on TV.

I would now like to recant all of the above. Boy,was I wrong.

This week I am singing a completely different tune.  This year’s Little League World Series has been one of the best sporting events I have ever watched and it has proven once again that even an old gal like me can change. I have loved watching other people’s kids, playing what was heretofore, the most boring game ever, on TV no less.

The Jackie Robinson West players have stolen my heart and changed my mind.  I have spent the better part of the past 2 weeks cheering for those south side darlings. I am shouting at the TV, jumping up and down, and silently wishing and praying for the wins.  I never once did that during my own children’s games.

Whether they win or lose the international game, these little boys are hometown heroes.  They are bringing attention to Chicago for something wonderful and positive. After a summer of negative news, this series has been so uplifting for so many.

Thank you Jackie Robinson West for reminding me why I should love baseball.

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  1. Agreed! So exciting. And I Didn\’t need to run around the house looking for a uniform, matching socks and equipment; bring snack for the team; nor deal with hour long conversations about \”bad calls\”. Delightful!

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