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Continuing to Unpack the Standards — Goal 8, Learning Standard A

by Early Math Counts

Goal 8 of the Early Learning and Development Standards is to Identify and describe common attributes, patterns and relationships in objects.

Learning Standard A — Explore objects and patterns.


8.A.ECa – Sort, order, compare and describe objects according to characteristics or attributes.

8.A.ECb – Recognize, duplicate, extend and create simple patterns in various formats.

Example Performance Indicators

Compare and describe various objects (e.g., describe different rocks by referring to their size, shape, weight, etc.).

Create a simple repeating pattern using classroom objects (e.g., build a tower of alternating blue and red cubes).

Replicate patterns in music (e.g., repeat a sound pattern by clapping or tapping foot lightly; sing a repetitive song such as B-I-N-G-O; play finger game such as Open, Shut Them).

Sort objects according to different characteristics (e.g., sort crayons by color and size; sort small blocks by shape and color).

Order objects in a series by a single attribute (e.g., order fire trucks from shortest to longest; order rocks from smooth to rough).


Patterns, groups, attributes- these concepts can be seen all over the ece classroom.  With the right materials children will naturally sort, classify, and organize their stuff into groups or patterns without much prompting from the adults around them.

imagesAlternating Unifix Cubes – by two’s no less.



Nesting Dolls- From big to small

Peg board 1


Peg Board – Only the orange ones.

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