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Counting- Don’t be fooled

by Early Math Counts

Many young children can count up to ten, twenty, fifty and even a hundred. They recite the words, one, two, three and so on, often while they are not actually counting something in particular.  Don’t be fooled.  Counting like this, is a memorization task, that requires many skills, none of which are mathematical.  Learning the sequence of the words may be mathematical in the purest sense, but counting is primarily a language skill.

2 Replies to “Counting- Don’t be fooled”

  1. Counting is memorized it is true. The kids now exactly how to say the words in order. I try to fool them by starting with a number in the middle and sometimes I feel they still have the order memorized.

  2. we call the memorization counting rote counting because it’s not that they understand what the number words mean it is just what they have been taught to memorize not to actually recognize.

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