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Dwarves and Dice

by Early Math Counts

Dwarves and DiceWe were introduced to Dwarves and Dice when we visited family friends at their home in Michigan.  Their child, who was the same age as Noah, was obsessed with this game.  We played all weekend, and never won a round because not only was he obsessed with this game but he was really, really good at it.

This is a game of observation and speed, both of which are really hard for young children. Each of the cards has a gnome-like character on it wearing pants, a top, and a hat.  They are all doing something different like standing on their heads, or jumping in the air so that each card is not only distinct by colors but by action as well.

Children take turns rolling the dice (three of them).  Each die has two sides that are blue, 2 sides that are red, and 2 sides that are yellow.  Once the die are thrown the children have to count the colors that appear.  Each combination represents one of the cards and then the children have to search for that specific card. Once the card is found, that child keeps it and the next player tosses the dice.

Matching the colors to the cards is quite difficult. When the game begins there are 56 cards to look through so it takes some time.  As the cards thin, it becomes easier to see where the correct card is and to distinguish the colors, etc.  The children have been looking through them for a while at that point, so they have an idea where the card with the red hat, the red pants, and the yellow top is.  They may even memorize many of the cards and their placements.

This one is also by Selecta Spielzeug, a German company, and I suspect that is why it was translated to “dwarves” rather than “gnomes” or something more appropriate.  When you see the pictures you know that they are referring to small elfin creatures rather than little people.

2 Replies to “Dwarves and Dice”

  1. This game seems to be neat to young children around 3-5 or so. Thinking of benefits from this game, children can learn to understand and follow the rules and develop social skills, attention skills, and language skills through this game. Also, this game seems to be helpful for recognizing colors and fine motor skills. Lastly, it would be fun. I\’d love to give this game to my three-year-old newphew for his birthday present. Can\’t wait to see whether he will enjoy it.

    1. Once we discovered this game we regularly gave it to friends for the 3 or 4 year old birthday present. I love inducing people to really well – made quality toys for children. This one has so many dimensions. It really is special.

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