ELDS – Goal 7

by Early Math Counts

We have not finished exploring the new Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards  even though it feels like we have been looking at them for a long time.  It gives you a sense of how complex these kinds of documents are and how difficult it is for most practitioners to remember all of the minute details that are required.

Learning Goal 7 – Explore Measurement of Objects and Quantities

Learning Standard A

Measure object and quantities using direct comparison methods and non-standard units.


7.A.ECa  Compare, order, and describe objects according to a single attribute.

7.A.ECb  Use non-standard units to measure objects and quantity.

7.A.ECc  Use vocabulary that describes and compares length, height, weight, capacity, and size.

7.A.ECd  Begin to construct a sense of time though participation in daily activities.

The Example Performance Indicators for the above Benchmarks are:

Use nonstandard units to measure items (e.g., use hands to measure the length of a table).

Know the sequence of the daily schedule and begin to gauge time by progression of the schedule throughout the day (e.g., know that nap time comes after lunch or that outside time comes after snack).

Compare and describe magnitudes of objects (e.g., line up two strings of beads to determine which is longer; arrange blocks from tallest to shortest and describe).

Use appropriate vocabulary when making measurements, such as small, big, short, tall, empty, full, heavy, and light.


I feel like we have looked specifically at many of the above benchmarks and performance indicators since Early Math Counts has been up and running. The Early Math Counts Team has designed so many great lessons that are available for you to use.  You can explore them here on the site Home Page.  I am also including a few below that  address these specific Benchmarks.

For toddlers, try out the lesson called “Show Me Your Shoe” which asks children to compare the length of their shoes and to use comparison vocabulary to describe the differences between them.

In “Trucks and Blocks” children create their own roads using wooden blocks and then make up stories about cars traveling on short roads and longer roads. “Links and Length” is a lesson that has children measure different objects in the environment using non-standard units of measure.


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