Engaging Diverse Parent’s Project

by Early Math Counts

Sometimes, when you dig a little deeper on a website that you have explored many times before, you find a page, (or an article, link, photograph, quote) that you never noticed in the past.  Today I found this on the NAEYC website, there is a link to the Engaging Diverse Families Project.

There you will find the following 6 Principles of Family Engagement.

  • Principle 1: Programs invite families to participate in decision making and goal setting for their child

  • Principle 2: Teachers and programs engage families in two-way communication

  • Principle 3: Programs and teachers engage families in ways that are truly reciprocal

  • Principle 4: Programs provide learning activities for the home and in the community

  • Principle 5: Programs invite families to participate in program-level decisions and wider advocacy efforts

  • Principle 6: Programs implement a comprehensive program-level system of family engagement

How are you engaging families?

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