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Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

by Early Math Counts


artificial flowers

You all know I love the Dollar Store.  We also have a 99 Cents and Under store in my neighborhood- equally wonderful.  You know how if you stop by frequently, you’ll always find new merchandise?  Well, the other day as I was browsing my 99 Cents and Under Store I saw plastic/nylon flowers for sale.  You guessed it – a bunch cost 99 cents.  I got to thinking about all of the math activities I could do with a group of children if I spent $4.95 for 5 bunches.

The children could separate the flowers from their bunches and sort them according to type, or color, or size.

Using several small vases, tape a number to the front of each one and have the children put the correct number of flowers in each vase.  Have them choose the flowers that they think will make a nice assortment.

Cut several of the flowers into parts; petals, stems, and leaves.  Have the children assemble new flowers out the parts.  Encourage the children to make patterns out of the petals and the leaves using the attributes of the parts.

…..And when you are done with all of these wonderful math activities, place the flowers in vases and use them as centerpieces for your food tables.  Later, the children can use the flower-filled vases for a still life painting subject.

still life painting

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