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Follow-Up to the Relativity of the Weather- The Floods in Chicago

by Early Math Counts

Call it a coincidence, or call it karma, but this morning’s post about the “Relativity in the Weather” was written before this most recent bout of weather that Chicago and the surrounding area is enjoying.

If I were the weather person today, I would be using words like “the rainiest”, “the darkest”, “the yuckiest”, the “wettest”, “the floodiest”, (I know it is not a word, but it fits for today), and “the rain of the century”.

Exploring some of the relativity in this week’s weather will provide glorious opportunities for children to think about “how much rain” is falling, “how deep are the puddles”, and “how long will it last”?  You can talk about “Hundred Year Rains” and the last time anyone remembers school closings because of rain.  I would venture to guess, that most of the children in your programs have NEVER seen this much rain in their young lives.

Once any threat of danger passes and the rains recede, take those children outside to explore the puddles and the mud.  Put their rain boots and slickers on and get ’em outside.  There is nothing more fun and exhilarating than playing in the aftermath of a rainstorm.

Until then, be safe and be careful.  As in all weather-related matters in the midwest, “This too, shall pass.”

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