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Fun Math Websites for Kids

by Early Math Counts

This page has about 20 links to educational math websites focused on young and very young children.  When you browse through the sites, you will find a variety of resources for teachers (AAA Math) as well as fun and interactive online math games for children (Math Game Time). also has a ton of information about great sites on the web for children.  The categories range from interactive activities to support for parents.

Check it out.

One Reply to “Fun Math Websites for Kids”

  1. Hi Jen!

    I was just sending a response to the blog on patterns! Thank you for this email I will be sure to use this as reference this am as we are beginning the Book Analysis and finalizing the Observation Log Report

    This is a fantastic resource we will be referring to each week this semester- You will definitely see the feedback from our class

    One of the students who is working as a Nanny wrote that she has already accessed the site for ideas with the child she cares for . I am so glad they are beginning to incorporate these ideas in class work as well as at their work sites

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