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Geoboard Website

by Early Math Counts

I wrote about Geoboards the other day when discussing topology. I found this website when looking for a good picture of a Geoboard as well as a place to buy them.  This website creates a “virtual” geoboard that children can manipulate.  When you open it, a geoboard appears and you can click on the rubber bands and then put them on the pegs.  You can drag them to create different shapes.  On the side, there is a color palette so the children can choose which color they want for their shapes.

This site is a nice addition to actual geoboards, but I wouldn’t replace the real thing.

One Reply to “Geoboard Website”

  1. Hi Jen!

    After looking at the example of the Geoboard and looking at the website- this is as you say a fascinating way to let children \”see\” space differently – and a wonderful way to talk with children about spatial relationships – although as you say I appreciate the actual board this is an excellent alternative

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