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Goal 8 Learning Standard B

by Early Math Counts

Last week I wrote about Goal 8 – Identify and describe common attributes, patterns, and relationships in objects. 

This week I am going to explore Learning Standard B, which only has one Benchmark, so it is fairly straightforward.

Learning Standard B – Describe and document patterns using symbols.


8.B.ECa – With adult assistance, represent a pattern by verbally describing it or by modeling it with objects or actions.

Example Performance Indicators

Describe a pattern in words (e.g., tall, short, tall, short, tall, short, or red, blue, yellow, red, blue, yellow).

Represent a pattern by modeling it with actions (e.g., “do a clap for red and a tap for blue: clap, tap, clap, tap, clap, tap”)

Represent a pattern by modeling it with objects (e.g., “do a red bear for circles and a blue bear for squares: circle, square, circle, square”).


My favorite thing about this Benchmark is that it includes the language “With adult assistance” since most children will need adult assistance or prompting to  meet it.  It is also smart that the performance indicators show the integrated nature of the early childhood curriculum.  The authors have written these so that they can be observed in different areas of the room while exploring other activities or through play.  Imagine that during circle time, you have children copy your pattern; clap, clap, tap, tap, clap, clap, tap, tap. They can “do” the action, and they can “say” the action.

Take a look at yesterday’s post about pattern and sequencing trays.  They go perfectly with this Learning Standard.

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