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Happy New Year

by Early Math Counts

Happy New Year to All of My Early Math Counts friends.

Have you been discussing the concept of the “new year” with your kids?  I hope so.  I actually remember when a teacher said to me when I was really young, “I’ll see you next year.”  This was at the end of December and I remember going home and crying to my mom that my teacher was leaving and I wouldn’t see her until “next year.”  My mom explained that in a few days time, the year was going to change, and next year was really just next week.

This was really complicated for me.

Helping kids know that January is the 1st month of the year and that there are 12 months in a whole year might explain it a little.  As the children are learning the days of the week, they can also be learning the months of the year.  The new year is a good place to being.

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