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Illinois Early Learning Standards

by Early Math Counts

More about Math Standards…. If you are getting bored with the details, scroll to the bottom of this post and go directly to the site.  Check out the associated videos.  They are excellent!

The Illinois Early Learning Standards are pretty straightforward and easy to follow.  According to their website,

The Illinois Early Learning Standards, developed by the Illinois State Board of Education with the assistance of hundreds of educators, were first introduced in draft form in June 2000. Since publication of the draft, hundreds of educators and parents, and a wide array of national, state and local experts, have commented on the standards. This final draft of the standards is a synthesis of their many views.

The standards are organized to parallel in content the Illinois Learning Standards for K-12 education. Included are benchmarks for learning in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Physical Development and Health, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, and Social/Emotional Development.

The goal of the standards is to provide teachers and caregivers useful information that is directly needed as part of their daily classroom work.

The Standards are divided into State Goals (6-10 are the Goals associated with math).  They then provide benchmarks for children which describe in detail, expected learning outcomes.  In addition, for each benchmark, there is a video of children demonstrating the benchmark with description of the action and a written narrative.  These are a great resource and could be very helpful in making sense of the standards.  Click here to see the Illinois Early Learning Standards for Math. 

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