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International Currency

by Early Math Counts

In addition to providing children with pretend American money to play with, wouldn’t it be cool if you also had money from other countries for children to explore?  I like to think about all of the interesting ways we can support each family’s background (language, artifacts, food, festivals) why not currency?

I only found one set of international currency available for purchase on the Internet, but I have to think that there are more out there.  The one I found is from Great Britain, which wouldn’t be my first choice, but might be an interesting way to start a collection.

British Money


You might create activities that have children compare and contrast American money with British money.  Introduce the symbols ($, ¢, £) and have them search for them on the bills.  Explore the people whose faces appear on the bills and discuss the difference between a President and a Queen.  Have children trade the money and then sort it and categorize it.  The ideas are endless.

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