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Introducing the Guest Blogger for the Month of December and January – Lisa Ginet

by Early Math Counts

The holidays are nearly upon us and for that reason, our guest blogger’s posts will appear over the course of the next two months as we send out 2016 and welcome in 2017.


Let’s welcome Lisa Ginet to the Early Math Counts blogoverse.  Lisa comes to us from the Early Math Collaborative at the Erikson Institute where she has been an integral member for many years.  Her expertise comes from years in the early childhood classroom, and as an adjunct faculty member in Chicago.

Since 2009, Lisa Ginet has been a member of Erikson’s Early Math Collaborative, which is transforming the understanding, teaching and learning of early mathematics from the ground up. Before that, Lisa spent more than a quarter century as an educator in various roles: classroom teacher, child care provider, parent educator, home visitor, teacher trainer, and adjunct instructor. She has worked in diverse settings, from child care centers and elementary and middle schools to community colleges and private universities.


During her time working with Erikson’s Early Math Collaborative, Lisa has thought a lot about the essence of foundational math, engaging adults in enjoying and doing math, bringing to life children’s mathematical thinking, and authentic mathematical environments in early childhood classrooms. Lisa will reflect on the lessons she has learned and what they mean for those of us who want to help children love, understand and use math.

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  1. This is really nice to also teach adults in how to engage more in math so we can help our students more.

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