It’s Never Too Early

by Early Math Counts

babyOn Tuesdays this month, I am going to explore several ideas about how babies and toddlers begin building early math concepts based on an overarching  philosophy that it is never too early.

The  night we brought brand new baby Noah home from the hospital, Larry and I lay in bed with him all snuggled between us and we read Oh, The Places You’ll Go.  We had read all the books, talked to all of our friends who were already parents, and done our research.  The message was clear – Read to your children as much as possible.  So we did.

Now I want the message to be as clear for early math learning.  This does not mean that we should begin counting and sorting and measuring with our babies the night they come home from the hospital, but there are ways that we can begin creating those neural pathways toward building math competencies as early as the first night home.

Exciting stuff!

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