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January’s Theme – Signs and Symbols

by Early Math Counts

When I started thinking about signs and symbols as a possible theme for January, I realized that I wasn’t quite sure what the difference is between the two.  I googled the question and discovered that I had every right to be confused.

All symbols are signs.  Not all signs are symbols. 

A symbol is a kind of sign.  A sign is something that represents something else.

A symbol represents something that may or may not be visible. 

A symbol is a socially constructed sign.

A sign may be conceptual.

Did that help?

So rather than twisting myself up into knots over it, let’s keep it simple.

Math is language of signs and symbols. So, in addition to learning each of the symbols that represent number (0,1,2,3..) children eventually learn all of the signs that indicate mathematical operations.  This month, I am  going to write about interesting and easy ways to bring mathematical signs and symbols into the classroom.




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