Jumbo Number Line

by Early Math Counts

Any activity that can be taken from the table top to the floor, or from sitting and working with hands to using the whole body, is usually good for young children.  I saw this jumbo floor number line and started imagining all of the ways I would use it.

Number line MatIt is big enough that children can stand or sit on it, move around on it, or line up on it. The numbers are large and easy-to-read.  Odd numbers are red and even numbers are blue, giving additional context clues to support the children’s concepts.

Begin introducing the mat when children are transitioning from one activity to another. Have each child pull a number out of a basket and go stand on that number.  Make sure the numerals you draw on the cards look exactly like the numbers on the line, so if needed, children can match their numbers easily.

You can also use the number line as a place to play a game like Simon Says.

Simon says, “Everyone find a blue number.”

Simon says, “Move to a red number.”

Simon says, “Change places with one of your friends.”

“Stand on one foot.”

Use the number line like hopscotch. Have the children line up at the zero spot and ask them to jump on each number and call it out as they go.  Switch it up by asking the children to hop on one foot, or to only step on the even (or blue) numbers.

If you have older children in your program, the number line can be used for counting on or taking away.  These skills are much more difficult and I would not recommend introducing them until the children have a strong and developed number sense.

Adding gross motor movement to any activity is more inclusive of learning styles and definitely enhances learning.  Leave this mat out during free choice time and see how the children choose to play with it.  Let us know what you find out.


7 Replies to “Jumbo Number Line”

  1. This is a fantastic idea! Not only does it emphasize number sense and counting, yet it also emphasizes gross motor development and physical activity by allowing the children to move using their bodies on the number line. It also helps to keep the children\’s engagement and interest.

  2. I like when math turns into a game. Like you mention playing Simon Says with the counting mat (find a red number or you could say go to number 5 etc.)

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