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Kid Car Wash Subaru Car Commercial

by Early Math Counts

Has anyone seen this new commercial for Subaru? (This is not a plug for the Subaru car company but it may be a plug for the advertising firm that they use.)

In 30 short seconds this commercial depicts  a notion about supporting children’s ideas so successfully that it speaks for itself.  I have been trying to explain this idea to teachers, directors and parents for years and I always fall short as my audience looks at me with bewildered faces, never really getting it.

Kids have great ideas.  They need to explore those great ideas.  Every time we say, “no” or “not now” or “maybe later” we rob children of the opportunity to investigate, execute, design, develop, and complete.  It may get messy.  It may create work for the grown-ups.  It may be difficult to manage.  But in the end, it is always worth it.


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