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Let’s Hit 5000

by Early Math Counts

I have no idea how the blogosphere really works, as I am still pretty new at this, but the Early Math Counts blog has taken off in the past 2 weeks.  Viewership has tripled and quadrupled (from about 50 views a day- you can do the math) during these past 2 weeks and even on the weekend.

No idea what to attribute it to, but Thank YOU for reading.  If we hit 250 views today, we will hit 5,000 views since we launched.  Yeah!

2 Replies to “Let’s Hit 5000”

  1. That sounds cool if I had one of those boxes. I\’ve used the dice with the transportation pieces. What they roll, they have to pick out that many of either cars, or trucks or whatever I tell them. Haven\’t really had any other games with the dice. Will keep thinking!!

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