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Library Lovers Month

by Early Math Counts

Library loversWhenever I think of February, I always think first of my birthday and then immediately afterward of Valentine’s Day.  Even though I think Valentine’s Day is worth exploring with young children, for a variety of reasons that I will talk about nearer to that day, I think that exploring National Library Lovers Month as a theme is much more interesting.

I didn’t even know about Library Lovers Month a few years ago- but I am a big fan of anything having to do with books, reading, people who love books, libraries, librarians, authors, and struggling authors.  I love reading with children and to children.

Children have varying experiences with books, from daily frequent exposure to living in homes that have few if any books.  Since the opportunities vary greatly, it is up to chid care providers  to ensure that children are surrounded by good books.  When students ask me how frequently they should read to children, I say, “As much as possible, whenever possible.”

This month we are going to look at book exploration in honor of Library Lovers Month.  Send in your favorite children’s book titles, especially those that explore math concepts.

3 Replies to “Library Lovers Month”

  1. Though not a library, if you haven\’t been to Open Books, yet, do yourself a favor–it\’s about a block from the Chicago Avenue Brown Line stop and it\’s a tremendously beautiful space for books and literacy and more.

    Really, really great. And next time I\’m there I\’ll look for a copy of that Owl book…

    1. Thanks for the recommendation PhiloDave. I have never been there and I don\’t know if any of my readers have been there. Is it appropriate for families? Can groups go?

      1. yes and yes. Very family friendly, and they do lots of literacy programs, so I\’m sure they\’d be cool with groups, too. It\’s a big, beautiful space and all the books are donated/used (typically >$5, even less for kids books), and they do a great job curating them. My kids love it there.

        Here\’s the website:

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