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Licensing in the State of Illinois

by Early Math Counts

On a typical day, I answer more questions about child care licensing from students, child care providers,center directors or potential providers than any other topic.  Years ago, I taught the Health, Safety, and Nutrition course and used the DCFS 407s as one of the course resources.  It was through that course (and many others) that I have become quite intimate with the rules and regulations that govern licensing regulations in the state of Illinois.

One of my meanest tricks is to send the naive and hopeful young’uns off to the DCFS website to find the answers to their questions all on their own.  The meanest trick of all is when I send them off to the actual DCFS office to try and get a question answered in person, by a human being.  Both of these tricks are designed to see how hearty an individual is because it they can’t navigate either of those waters, good luck running their own child care center.

This site is designed to cut through some of the muck so seekers of answers can get to them faster.  Hope you like it.

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