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Make Your Own Classroom Money

by Early Math Counts


It might be fun to get creative on the computer and create your own classroom money complete with children’s pictures in the middle and a picture of your classroom on the other side. I would definitely laminate the bills as they will not last the morning if you don’t.  Imagine how children will take an interest in this new currency if they see themselves on it?  Since the egocentric child is more engaged in activities that involve them personally they may be more apt to play with and spend their own money in your classroom.

You could also create a paper template and have the children color and decorate it.  Take their pictures and insert them into the center.  Make color copies, print, cut, and laminate.

This website allows children to design their own money and then print it off.  It doesn’t allow for a lot of creativity but it might be another interesting addition to your month’s activities.


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