by Early Math Counts

I’ll never forget the time when my three-year-old was sitting in the back of the car looking out the window and contemplating the world.  I arrived at a stop sign just before another car arrived at the adjacent stop sign.  The other car sped forward to get in front of me and I threw my hands up in righteous indignation.  It was my turn, after all.  Noah, my son, looked over at me and asked, “Does it matter that he went first?”  Not only did I feel foolish, but I realized that our children watch everything that we do.  Noah, I realized, was my conscience.

Modeling, may be the most influential thing we do.  Children will learn how to talk, walk, behave, react,and  approach situations by watching the adults in their lives.

Your attitude and reactions to math and math-related opportunities will influence the children in your care.  If you model excitement, engagement, interest, and competence when these opportunities arise, the children will mimic you.

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  1. That\’s true! It is in this way that teachers can support children\’s mathematical communication. Using math vocabulary in every interaction with them it is a good idea, since children will mimic us. Also, using their observations to develop the children\’s logic and reasoning.

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