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“Number in Preschool & Kindergarten”

by Early Math Counts

Number by Constance KamiiMany months ago I promised that I would blog about the 1982 book entitled “Number in Preschool & Kindergarten” by Constance Kamii.  This book is often thought of as one of the early childhood educator “must-reads/must-haves”.  I studied this book when I was in graduate school, as the early childhood program at the University of Illinois Chicago was deeply committed to Piagetian and Vygotskyian theory.

Constance Kamii was born in Switzerland and studied under Jean Piaget himself for many years.  She is currently a professor at the University of Alabama where she continues her work as an early childhood researcher and professor.  She continues to focus her energies on children, math and Piaget.

Over the next several Tuesdays, I am going to introduce this book to you hopefully to spark some discussion about this very specific approach to teaching children “number”.

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