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October Means Leaves

by Early Math Counts

The study of leaves is a great backdrop to a broader look at the season of autumn.  For the next 4 Tuesdays we are going to explore different ways that leaves can provide the fuel for a fun-filled month.

While the trees are still green and lush it is fun for children to collect their leaves and bring them inside to look at them more closely.  This is a great time to break out the magnifying glasses so the children can look at them in detail.

One of the first things you can do is have the children sort the leaves into piles.  You can them sort them by size (big and small), by color (light and dark) or by shape (pointy or round).  You can have them examine the leaves to see if they are the same on both sides, or different.  Leaves also have veins that run down their centers.  Sometimes they are symmetrical and sometimes they are asymmetrical.   This may be harder for children to see, but you could show them examples.

Using the leaves while they are still relatively fresh, the children can also do leaf etchings.  Simply place a piece of paper over a leaf and show the children how you can rub a crayon over it and you will get an image.

This beginning look at leaves is once again one of those great activities that really blends early science with early math learning.

3 Replies to “October Means Leaves”

    1. Hi Patty- You are going to love this month\’s look at leaves. If you would like, you could tell us some of the things you like to do as well.

      1. I let the children take paint and dip their leaves in it and make a pretty picture, along with a leave wreath, fall rubbings.

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