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On-Line Game for Toddlers

by Early Math Counts

This website is another place for young children to play computer games that are easy-to-navigate and perfectly appropriate for children to play on their own. will take you to the homepage designed for preschool-aged children.  There is one game that might even work with young twos.  It is called Learn Numbers.  The children are presented with large, bold random numbers.  The voice-over (which is that of a child) asks the child to click on a certain number.  It then tells the child if s/he is correct.  This is simple enough that even the youngest children may be able to identify, point and click.  However, many children may still need a grown-up to help them.


3 Replies to “On-Line Game for Toddlers”

  1. I always make my kids work on number recognition because some times will forget the format / technique I told them about.

  2. Wow. Love this site. Have printed out worksheets and coloring pages to correspond to what we are doing these last 3 months. Thank you!

    1. @Susan- So glad you found this useful. I keep finding these really great websites. There is so much out there. It is incredible.

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