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Parent Questionnaire – Meet Kate

by Early Math Counts

I have known Kate for several years, first as a graduate student completing her teaching practicum at our college and then as a colleague when she became a full-time faculty member at another of the City Colleges.  I have watched her grow into her new role as a wife and a mother, while dedicating herself professionally to early childhood care and education.

You can see from her answers that her daughter still has her preschool years in front of her.  I look forward to watching the next few years unfold as Kate knows quality early childhood care and education and will insist on the best for her daughter.


1. Please describe how you are involved in the field of education.
Faculty member in an ECE program at a community college.
2. How many children do you have and how old are they?
One child, 2 ½ years

3. Describe your children’s early childhood experiences. Did they stay at home with a family member? Did they attend preschool or childcare? Did they attend a home-based childcare program, or a combination of the above? (If your children have not yet entered a childcare setting, please answer these questions for the future, i.e., What do you hope your children’s math experiences will be? What are your plans for introducing math to your children at home?)
My child was hospitalized until 4 months of age.  Home with me until 10 months, we then put her into a nannyshare.

4. Describe your children’s exposure to math in their prekindergarten years both at home and at school.
She is not in preschool, yet. She has an array of math experiences through sand and water time, block time, etc.  We talk about relationships, shapes, and numbers regularly.  She engages in categorizing items and enjoys route counting songs.

5. Knowing what you now know about raising and educating children, what worked well in your children’s early math experiences?
Time will tell (J)

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