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Pattern Blocks

by Early Math Counts

Pattern blocks come in all sorts of sets.  There are beginner sets for younger children (I really like these), and there are larger sets for older children. They usually have small and large triangles, small and large squares, a rhombus or two, a few trapezoids, and some hexagons.  They most often come in a variety of colors.

Pattern blocks help children see shapes, manipulate shapes, create patterns, and explore geometry.

You can make your own pattern block cards so that children can match the shapes to the shape on the card.  There are also books of pattern block patterns that you can buy.  Some sets include them….Check out the one below.

4 Replies to “Pattern Blocks”

  1. My children try to put a pattern together by what color comes next or build with them, and spell and write out the words. they also find things that go with that color.

  2. Pattern blocks are a good manipulative. Children can make different pictures with them. They can match specific blocks to a pattern on a card. They can build with them.

  3. I like to let the children use the big blocks and will now ask more questions related to geometry.
    Thanks for the great information.

  4. My students love creating pictures with pattern blocks. When the master placing the clocks on pattern block cards they make their own creations. I trace those creations and children can is those in the future.

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