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PBS Kids

by Early Math Counts

I am a big fan of PBS.  I watch it, my husband watches it and my children watched a whole lot of it when they were little.  Some of our favorites were “Arthur”, “Caillou”, and “Clifford: The Big Red Dog”.  Did you know that PBS  also hosts a great web site chock full of interactive games for young children.

If you click here you will find the home page for the interactive math games at for children.  Some of the games require Adobe flash, but many of them don’t.  I especially like “Monkey Jump” where Curious George jumps when you click on him and counts out loud.  The Man in the Yellow Hat speaks to the players and provides the directions so reading is not required.  In fact, a lot of the Curious George games have spoken directions so that even very young children can play without too much adult supervision.

Check it out and let us know what you think.


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