Peg Boards Redux

by Early Math Counts

I know I said that we would explore more types of peg boards later on this year, but I couldn’t resist taking a look at this manipulative this week.  How great are these?  Yes, they are much more didactic and much less open-ended than last week’s peg boards, but that is ok, sometimes.

If you look closely at these boards, you can see that there are several numerical concepts happening at once.  First, children can see the number in a large and easy-to-read format.  Then there are corresponding holes to be filled that equate to the numeral shown.  There is also a drawing of a hand that is illustrating the number in American Sign Language.  Beautiful.

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  1. I will make these with my kids, also my children made sign language books with Alphabet, numbers, colors, Manners, animals, foods sign language to learn also they each made their own. I the provider made one and the children will also make a song sign language book soon.

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