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Recipes for Fun

by Early Math Counts

Sometimes, it is fun to take a concept – RECIPES – and show children that there are many ways of thinking about it.

If a recipe is a list of ingredients with directions for putting them together so they turn into something,  then there a whole lot of things we can make recipes for.

A Recipe for Fun


1 Teacher

5 Children

5 Rubber Balls

2 Laundry Baskets

Have the children set up the laundry baskets on opposite ends of the large group rug.  Bounce the 3 rubber balls into the center of the rug.  Encourage the children to bounce, throw, and play. Observe how they make up their own games with the balls and baskets.

Good Friends Recipe


All the Children in this Room

Nice words



Lots of Playing

Mix together all day long and friendship will result.

A Recipe for a Good Day


Not too hot and not too cold weather

A little bit of sunshine

Good friends all around

A morning snack

An afternoon nap

A delicious lunch

Lots of time outdoors

Play, play, play

A teacher who loves us

Books, books, and more books

Make sure you check off each of the ingredients above to create the perfect day!




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