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Routines are a Predictable Sequence of Events

by Early Math Counts

Everyone speaks of the “consistency” of the routine for young children.  We often say that it builds trust with the caretaker and the experience of childcare as children have an expectation of the day and when that expectation is met, they feel safe and secure.

Did you also know that the consistency of the routine also sets up a predictable sequence of events and order that is mathematical.  As children learn the routine, they can predict what will happen next, they can tell you the order of the events of the day, and they can describe the time of day that certain events will take place, etc.

Even the youngest children  can predict a sequence of events when they are a part of a daily routine.  Reassuring children about the daily schedule will support these concepts.  Even though it seems repetitive to an adult’s ears, saying things like, “After we eat, we are going to get ready for our naps, and after our naps, we are going to go outside,” will be reassuring to young  children.   Repeating these same words day after day, reinforces predictability and the daily sequence of events.

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