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Sesame Street

by Early Math Counts

Much like last week’s entry about, is an equally cool, interactive website for young children.  I love (and have loved for years) the Sesame Street puppets. When I was three-years-old, Sesame Street made its debut on PBS, which in Chicago is Channel 11.  Before that, we had Ray Rayner, Bozo’s Circus, and Mr. Green Jeans.  Sesame Street was the first truly educational television envisioned for very young children.

The site is great because children can navigate it pretty much on their own. When you open up the home page for the games, your cursor becomes a large star and then children can choose which game they want to play by clicking on one of the characters.  They all speak directly to the children, so it is appropriate for pre readers.

Check out Count Me To Sleep, starring Count Von Count and Telly.  Telly can’t get to sleep so together they count sheep.  The animation is terrific.


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