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Snow People

by Early Math Counts

Cotton Ball SnowmanIs there anything more satisfying and wonderful than building a snow person? When I was little we always called them “snowmen” but I think it is more fun to consider women and children made of snow as well.

In order to build a really great snow person outside, you need that big, fat, wet snow that we only get a few times a year.  You then need no less than 3-4 inches so there is enough to gather it up and create the snow boulders for the bottom, the middle and the head. Since all of this has to happen, it may be more fun to make snow people out of cotton balls instead.

It is hard to get cotton balls to stand up, so gluing them on paper can be a fairly straightforward activity for young children as they explore snow. Making cotton ball snow people asks that children count out the cotton balls to represent to head, the body, and the base.  They may want to add other components to their snow people, just as they would outside.  You an provide orange triangles for noses and small black circles for eyes (or googly eyes).  I might even cut up some yarn so they can warm up their snow people with scarves.

If you are lucky, you may be able to find different sized cotton balls so children can also incorporate size into their creations.  You may direct them to put the largest cotton ball on the bottom, followed by the middle-sized cotton ball for the middle and the smallest cotton ball for the head.


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