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Some Numbers for Labor Day 2015

by Early Math Counts

In honor of Labor Day 2015, I thought a few childcare labor statistics would make a good post – as well as a good reminder that this work is a labor of passion and commitment

National Employment (# of childcare workers) * 582, 970 Illinois Employment (# of childcare workers) * 14,340
National Mean Hourly Wage $10.44 Illinois Means Hourly Wage $11.10
National Mean Annual Wage $21, 710 Illinois Mean Annual Wage $23, 090

(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. May 2014)

*These numbers do not represent any providers who are self-employed.

In Illinois, childcare providers are doing a little bit better than in the rest of the country, but these wages are still unacceptable.

Let’s look at how childcare wages measure up against other professions.

The median annual wage for a bus driver is $36,600 (May, 2012). That is approximately 50% more income than a childcare provider earns.

A postal worker earns on average $53,100 (May, 2012) per year. That is double what a childcare provider earns.

Librarians earn on average $55,370 (May, 2012), which is a bit more than a postal worker, and a whole lot more than a childcare provider.

Middle school teachers earn about $53,000, post secondary teachers = $68,970, and elementary school teachers=$53,090 (May, 2012).

This year, I challenge all of you to write one letter of advocacy that encourages lawmakers to recognize the disparities described above. We have to do something about this and there is strength in numbers!

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