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Sorting Bugs

by Early Math Counts

While looking through math materials the other day, I came upon three interesting classroom tools that focus on sorting bugs.

Scoop a bug sorting kitThis first one is called “Scoop-a-Bug Sorting Kit” and is pretty interesting.  The bugs are clearly fake, with exaggerated attributes, such as bright and vivid colors, which are easily identified by children. The scoopers look a bit like scissors with wide holes for fingers but rather than blades there is a clear scooper that can pick up the bugs in order to place them in the clear specimen jars.  Break this set out onto your math manipulatives table and I bet the kids are drawn to it like moths to a flame (get it?).

bug sorting trayThis second set is simply called “Real Bugs Discovery Kit”.  The sorting mechanism is far less interesting but the bugs themselves are really cool.  They are real specimens encased in clear acrylic so the children can see them from all angles.  It comes with a book of information about each specimen (there are a dozen in all).

Bug sorting bogNext is a set that focuses on size and sorting.  The bugs come in small, medium and large and can be sorted into each section of the box. You can change the categories to yellow, blue, and red, or legs, wings, or shells.  These options make it a bit more interesting but if you already have a set of classroom insects, you could create your own sorting map, or sectioned box with any attributes you choose.

2 Replies to “Sorting Bugs”

  1. Students can sort the colors of bugs and count out how many bugs are in each group and write the number down on a piece of paper. Then the students can practice writing the number down on a piece of paper five times each so they can know how to spell the number and make sure they recognize it next time they see it.

  2. I love all the sorting bug activities. Learning to use tongs or tweezers also helps children with their small motor skills. I will definitely be using these bug sorting activities in my classroom.

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