Sorting Game- PBSkids

by Early Math Counts


This is a nice game for sorting by attributes.  Sid the Science Guy is putting rocks in a box and he needs them sorted by color.  As children get better and better at putting the colored  rocks in the correct columns, the game becomes more complex.  Sid gives kids positive reinforcement when they sort the rocks correctly and helps them when they make a mistake.

Once again, PBSkids rocks! (Get it?  Rocks?)

2 Replies to “Sorting Game- PBSkids”

  1. I really like the games on PBS kids. They seem to follow developmentally appropriate practice. I like that they are mastery based and get more complex as kids master the skills. I also like that they are free and seem to run on most browsers.

    1. I know. PBS rocks in every way possible and I am so thankful that we live in a world where public television and all this espouses is available to our kids.

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