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Speaking “Math” to Parents

by Early Math Counts

How frequently do you engage the parents in your program about math?  This is one of those things that seems so simple, but in practice really hard.  Parents are usually in a hurry, dropping off or picking up – trying to get somewhere else.  The time for conversation is limited so are we really going to fill it with “math”?

The Early Math Counts site offers a Parent Newsletter for every math lesson posted.  They are easy to download and edit so you can tailor them for your specific program.  These letters provide a meaningful way to engage parents in a conversation (albeit a one-sided conversation) about the math curriculum you are exploring in your program.

If you go to the tab “Find a Math Lesson” and then search for an activity, you will find the “Share with Parents” tab off to the right side of the page.  The letter will download to your computer in a Word format (.doc) so you can put it on your own letterhead and make any changes.  Each letter also offers ways for parents to support the same concepts at home.

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