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by Early Math Counts

Straws 1If you had to list three qualities of this manipulative that makes it a great tool for math exploration, what would they be?

I like them because….

1.  They are long.  Children can attach lots of these together to create a “super straw” that spans the length of a room, or at least the length of a table.

2.  They are just flimsy enough.  Sometimes, the lack of strength of a material provides just enough of a challenge to make it interesting.

3.  They are versatile.  Children will find a million and one ways to use this manipulative.

The small joints that hold the straws together are a choking hazard for children under 3, so be sure to check this before investing in these.  However, if you do have some materials in a separate place for older children, these would be a good addition to any math center.

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