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Summertime-Sidewalk Chalk

by Early Math Counts

Last week we took a look at hopscotch as a fun summer gross-motor activity that also incorporates several math concepts. Today, I thought we could simply look at “chalk” as a very inexpensive tool that teachers can use to promote skills in every developmental domain.
Sidewalk chalk can be bought for next to nothing.  I always check out my local dollar store to see if they have any in stock and oftentimes they do.  (The dollar store is an early childhood professional’s best friend.). Even though I have a tactile dislike of chalk and can’t really touch it, many children love to draw with it.  One of the great reasons for this is that children can draw BIG.  There are no limits to how much they can draw, except for the edges of the sidewalk.  Children can work collaboratively on drawings but more likely they will draw next to each other or near each other.
Chunky chalk can support the development of fine motor skills in young children.  Fine motor skills are necessary for children to begin writing their letters and numbers.  So by allowing children free reign with a bucket of sidewalk chalk you are also supporting other important skills.  This is a great example of how all of the domains are tightly connected in a young child’s development.

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