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Teachable Moments

by Early Math Counts

“Carpe Diem” is a Latin term that means “seize the day”.  Teachers seize the day, moment by moment.

A “teachable moment” is an unplanned opportunity that arises during the day that affords a teacher an opportunity to offer his/her insight or support to children as they explore the world. Teachers and parents identify “teachable moments” by observing children closely  and listening to them.  It is only through genuine interactions and availability that teachers can identify these occurrences and act accordingly and spontaneously.

Teachable moments require thinking on your feet and the flexibility that allows you to stray from the planned path.  If children’s interests and engagement take them in a direction that   you hadn’t thought of, you have to be ready to seize the moment and use it as a gift.

Ensure that you have time in the day’s schedule to allow for these unplanned moments.  They will be rewarding for everyone.

Can you describe a “teachable moment” that has occurred in your home or center recently?

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